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The Cost of Injuries in the United States

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that the cost of treating injuries, injury deaths, and disabilities from injuries is over $400 billion. According to the CDC, the cost of treating injury deaths and disabilities is about $80 billion in treatment and lifetime medical care. Injuries cost the US another $326 billion in lost productivity within the lifetime of the injured.

The CDC is interested in preventing future injuries by studying the most common types of injuries as well as the causes of these injuries. The CDC wants to tackle injuries from the perspective of prevention. It sees injuries as having two dimensions:

  • The external cause of the injury (car crash, fall ...)
  • The diagnosis of the injury (contusion, fracture ...)

Each dimension has two axes:

  • The external cause of the injury (car crash, fall ...)
    • The mechanism for the injury (car, wet floor ...)
    • The intent for the injury (talking on a cell phone, inattentiveness ...)
  • The diagnosis of the injury (contusion, fracture ...)
    • The nature of the injury (brain damage, open wound ...)
    • The body region of the injury (head, leg ...)

Through these programs, the CDC hope s to develop effective preventive programs to reduce the number of injuries or lessen the severity of injuries experienced in the United States.

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The following are a small example of the many successful cases where we represented clients involved in auto accident. For a complete list of our success stories, click here.

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