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Todd J. Strier has been named to the 2012 New York Super Lawyers list

Appellate Division dismisses Sanitation Worker's Claim Against Homeowner for placing glass into Trash Bag - Court determined It was an inherent hazard of the job

New NYS Law Increases Protection For Sanitation Workers in New York
A new NYS law makes it a felony to assault a NYC sanitation worker.
> Review The Law
> NY1 Media Coverage

Sanitation Worker Struck by SUV and Seriously Injured
This news story from Pittsburgh, PA highlights one of the many hazards faced by sanitation workers.

Todd J. Strier Named Man of the Year: The NYC Sanitation Retirees Association will honor attorney Todd J. Strier at their annual Dinner Dance in April. Dinner Journal | Event Information >

NYC putting more Sanitation workers on streets
NYC's Sanitation Dept. says it will put more workers on the streets by reassigning supervisors and adding 100 new hires...

Garbage Truck Runs Over Sanitation Worker
This news story from Jessamine County, KY highlights one of the hazards faced by sanitation workers.

Injury Statistics in the United States
The National Center for Health Statistics NCHS considers injuries to be a serious health problem in the US.

The Cost of Injuries in the United States
The CDC is interested in preventing future injuries by studying the most common types of injuries as well as the causes of these injuries

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Crash Landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River in New York

A spectacular crash landing into the frigid Hudson River, leaving the plane floating in the water, of US Airways Flight 1549 from New York's La Guardia Airport to Charlotte, North Carolina occurred on January 15, 2009. The distress emergency call from pilots, and the ensuring crash landing into the Hudson, occurred only a few minutes after take off. The pilot's initial distress call mentioned a "bird strike" in which a bird, or sometimes flock of birds, are sucked into the airplane itself, causing massive engines troubles, fires, and failure. No official word as to whether this was the exact cause has been issued, and as of press, the plane is still floating on the river itself and passengers still being evacuated.

According to FAA flight records, 150 passengers were on the flight, as well as cabin crew members and pilots. According to airline and FAA sources, all individuals on the plane exited via emergency exits onto lifeboats and other floatation devices following the crash, which took off from La Guardia at 3:26 pm, and was airborne for no more than three minutes before crashing. It is still unclear the number and severity of injuries among the passengers and crew, however, following this incident, many individuals will retain an aviation accident attorney for themselves or their loved ones. This will especially prove true for those passengers who were injured in the impact of the plane with the water. While the events of the aviation crash prove immensely fortunate according to early reports, a number of injuries and other traumas will undoubtedly be incurred on passengers, which deserve rectification through financial damage awards. A competent personal injury attorney with New York City personal injury lawyer Todd J. Strier, attorney at law, can assist victims and their loved ones in any aviation accident today.

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